How does the Design effect the Mood of the people underneath it?

Be it home or a hotel, Store or the Room whatever is the place and however is the space one thing that makes the area glow is the Interior Design and decoration added to it. Interior design anyways is treated as an element to beautify a specific area but this concept can be further explained as a powerful tool to patch up the latest trend in your lifestyle. A perfectly conceptualized place defines your mood and motto. For Example, the design built in a Hospital cannot be used for a Studio Apartment and the design used for a Lounge cannot be used for a Bakery. Every place has significant themes that have to base while designing the space. Yet there are few examples where contrasting themes have been made up to build the interiors of some places and have been very popular than the regular themed ones.

How to Match the ambiance with the concept?

It is a quite simple and obvious question for a person who is just wanted to build his first place may be a residence or a store. The ambiance of a particular place decides the type of customers visiting it. Concept and theme are particularly two different elements that convey your message. Always the first impression of anything is made particular and the first impression lasts really very long. To make this impression everlasting, people can try two ways of approach: Positive and Negative. Negative vibrations are never a choice for an ordinary person unless he has some specific concept to build in it (Ex: Devil House/Scary house). Positive things may include the pleasantness, the color combination, the ambiance selected to match color and concept of the floor.